Thursday, May 16, 2013

Just Checkin In.....

It has been forever since I have blogged. Honestly, I haven't felt like it. I know {bad blogger} I want to keep trying to do it occasionally, but I'm graduating AUG 9th and this summer semester is going to be so jam packed I'll be lucky to simply stay afloat. I'm in my hometown this week/weekend before school starts back and then Danielle and I are going to GA to visit some family and have a little get away before she gets hitched and I start school. I just wanted to share some photos with you because hey, who doesn't like photos, right?
I recently had a birthday and received this text from my best friend. Is he not the sweetest?

Baby D's gymnastic show
two of the four sisters :)
A lot of people say when you have a glare like this in a photo there is an angel watching over you. Thanks Daddy. :)

Baby D's school pictures this year :)

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Scrubs and Spring!

I love the spring time. It's so beautiful and I love all the color! Which is why this post is so perfect. I was asked to review a new scrub top from the Dickies Spring Collection at Uniformed Scrubs.. Of course I was all for it! I got it in the mail last week and it was PINK!  Anyone who knows me knows I love pink. And it is so perfect for this beautiful spring weather.
Excuse my hotmessness I've been at the hospital since 630 this morning. But I love this top. Everything about it. I love the front and the neckline because all to many times I'm leaning over to check a Foley Cath or a Chest tube canister, anything really, and I look and notice that you can see straight down my top. [awkward] But not with this one. It's boobie proof so to speak. The back is great too. I love the elastic cinch. I hate scrub tops that are like squares with strings. But this one felt very flattering to me. I think I'll be wearing it a lot!
And even better! Uniformed Scrubs is looking out for all my lovely readers as well! They have provided a coupon code for 15% off your next purchase! Awesome right? I think so. So here is the code [ 15pbrm ]

Go check them out at their webpages! You won't regret it.
Uniformed Scrubs///Dickies Scrubs

I received no money in exchange for this review. I only received the scrub top in exchange for my honest opinion.


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Friends last a Lifetime...

I have the sweetest friend ever. We've been friends for almost 26 years now. We were in school together, I was in her wedding, I was there when her baby was born, we've been through it all. Or at least we thought we had. On Feb. 18 we went through the loss of a parent. I was too much of a wreck to call her myself and my mom called her. I could hear the compassion in my mom's voice and I knew that E was upset. Mom said she was crying almost as much as me. As such a good friend that she is to me, I knew that she could feel my grief.

She is a teacher a a new mom to a beautiful 3 month old baby boy and a wife. But somehow she made time to create a care package for me and it was by far the most meaningful thing I have ever gotten in my life. It was full of thoughtful gift with a note attached to each one explaining their purpose.

Trash Can- to throw all your cares away
Eraser- to help erase your sadness 
Tissues- just because
Hershey's Hugs and Kisses- because sometimes you need a hug and a kiss
Teddy Bear- to help you bear the pain
Candle- to brighten even the darkest of days
Laffy Taffy- because even though you're hurting it's ok to laugh
Duct tape- To tape together the pieces of your broken heart
Lotion- to melt away your stress
A Flower- to help you smile when you're feeling blue
Skittles- to help you see the rainbow through all the rain
Dial Body Wash- you can Dial my number anytime
Rubber Duckies- To help you keep your head above the water
Suckers- because sometimes life just sucks.
And if that wasn't enough. She took the time to burn me a CD of great music [when words can't express how you feel...but music can]


Friday, March 8, 2013

I'm God's girl!

My father passed away on Feb. 18, 2013. It was the worst day...make that week...of my life. I'm not really ready to talk about it just yet. But my sister wrote a very sweet post [from what I can tell, I didn't have the heart to read the whole thing]. But feel free to go on over and check it out. Mid-February Shouldn't be so Scary.

[I don't generally talk about my faith that much on the blog, simply because I like to remain objective for all my readers. So a little [FYI] God and His grace is the only thing getting me through this situation and He will probably come up a lot for awhile.]

      I had a date with my mom last night. We were at church Sunday and say a flyer for an event called, Girl's Night Out. I immediately thougth sign me up as I walked past, then I turned back. I read the flyer and An artist/author names Gwen Smith was going to be at the church across the street and mom and I decided, let's have a date. We went to dinner at Libby's here in town and I have already had a bad day and I wasn't feeling well and I was so wanting to just go home and curl up in the bed. But I powered through.

      We go to the church and I was extremely excited to see inside this church because it's real big on the outside and it's directly across the street from our church. Well, let. me. tell. you. It was beautiful. Everything about it I kept going oh my look at this, look at that! Here's a little picture for you.

This is me using my fancy Panoramic camera feature.... I'm still learning. 

So I'm already starting to feel better and I saw a book on the table called Broken into Beautiful, which you can purchase HERE. I thought that title sounds sweet I wonder what that is about.... of course there is a song, any of you who know me know that music is my life. So here it is.

Oh my gosh it just spoke to me I was in tears. I thought about my daddy, my sisters, Dee. <3 She went on with a great message and I felt as if she were speaking to me and she also played a song off of her newest album Uncluttered.
So I officially love everything she does. I've started her Broken into Beautiful book as soon as I got home last night and it's great. It's like she is speaking to me. I urge all of you to check her out, you won't regret it! <3


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Oh Sweet Brown!

I love Sweet Brown and sometimes I get to thumbing through some Pinterest pictures and I get so tickled I swear I can't even breathe. If you don't know Sweet brown take a moment to watch this video, you'll appreciate them more. Enjoy. 

Source: via Rae on Pinterest

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Happy 10th Anniversary!

My mom and step-dad recently celebrated their 10th anniversary and my sister's and I decided to throw a SURPRISE party. And let me tell you it is next to impossible to keep a secret from your mom. Especially when you live with her. My mom is my best friend I tell her everything.
So we invited the entire church, yes, everyone, plus people from our previous church and the family and everything. And we planned for about a month or so. Danielle and J came into town the night before and we all stayed at my sister's place in town. 4 adults and a dog in a 1 bedroom 1 bathroom. Talk about interesting. So we stayed up all night tweaking everything and stressing and basically not sleeping. Thanks to Danielle's amazing fiance we had a great video for the party. I'm so happy that someone at the party caught this next shot.

I'd say the surprise was a success! 
Happy 10th Anniversary!


Monday, January 21, 2013

Palmetto Blogger's Meet up [2]

So Danielle and I used our second day to do some downtown shopping. I just simply cannot visit Charleston without going to the outdoor market place. I love it! We didn't have a lot of time but it was still extremely efficient. We found these fabulous scarves, which was perfect for me because it was so windy I was freezing. So of course we had to as a stranger new friend, to take a picture of us in our new scarves downtown :).

You'll have to excuse our hotmessness wind hair. 

We also found some cute knitted earwarmer/headband things. Super cute!
[because all the cool kids wear their seatbelts.]

Charleston was especially beautiful this weekend. We couldn't have asked for more perfect weather. 

Now I have an admitted fear of bridges so this posed a problem [obviously] but I came up with a solution! 
crossing bridges like a boss.

And of course our hotel was fabulous, I personally enjoyed when we got back to the hotel.
dirty little lyin hoes :)
hotel roomies