Sunday, January 20, 2013

Palmetto Blogger's Meet Up [1]

We had a very successful Palmetto Blogger's Meet up in Charleston this weekend. My sister and I got off to a late start yesterday but we were able to make it to the market this morning before we left. We started out meeting the gang at Southend Brewery in downtown. It was pretty good I had a great salad. And then Danielle passed out our tote bags! She did so great I was extremely excited.
Danielle designed these really cute bags with the Palmetto Bloggers logo. She made a pair of her wire wrapped earrings [wired essentials]. She also put in these fabulous scarves with the palmetto tree logo, they are so soft. [courtesy of a friend of Danielle] and one of my favs, a hard apple cider scented candle from Soap for your Soul. They make the most fabulous candles and soaps. Be sure to check it out. 
We had dinner at Southend Brewery and them went to Kaminsky's for after dinner drinks and dessert.

Danielle and I stopping for a quick pic.
 I had so much fun with all the ladies and I'm looking forward to our next meet up.
[Part 2 of our trip to come tomorrow. ]



  1. So sad I wasn't able to make it! Looks like you ladies had an awesome time. Darn acrobatic kids of mine! Can't wait for the next meet-up!!!

  2. It was so nice to enjoy some good food and drinks with the ladies. Thanks for a really fun weekend!

  3. Fabulous! Wish I could have been there!


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